Stay Safe in Phase 2!
Hey You!

The fact that you are reading this Blog Post right now would mean that you have successfully made it through both the Circuit Breaker, and Phase 1 of Singapore's Reopening! Congratulations!

Here at Empala, we believe that the health and wellbeing of every single Singaporean must be looked into. So before you start making plans with your foodies for supper, your Khakis for a game of Mahjong, and your gym goers for a solid gym sesh, here are some super steady tips to take note of when going out to avoid another outbreak! Don't say never jio!

Tip 1: Choose areas that are well ventilated

Dr Mindy Zhang, an associate consultant with Changi General Hospital's Sport and Exercise Medicine mentioned "if an infected person is actively shedding the virus in a room that is enclosed, damp and poorly ventilated, this could increase the chance of viral transmission".

That being said, find areas where the air is fresh and not recirculated, of course the outdoors would still be the safest bet! However, if it is recirculated air, do check with those in-charge if the air has gone through HEPA filtration to remove any forms of pathogens or germs!

Tip 2: Enjoying your meals

You enter your favourite restaurant, take a seat by the beautiful view, order the signature dish, and are all ready to dine in when you realise, oh no! What do I do with my mask?

Fret not, we are here to help! Some useful suggestions include using a clean tissue as a surface for your mask, placing your mask into your hand carry, or even, bringing a resealable ziplock bag solely for your mask!

And always remember to sanitize your hands before and after meals! Bon App├ętit!

Tip 3: Using the bathroom

Had too much Koi to drink, or too much KBBQ to chomp down on, and need to relieve yourself? Here are some additional tips on how to minimize the risk of transmission when using a public toilet!

Minimize physical contact by using a tissue or paper towel when handling surfaces within the toilet, alternatively, you can choose to push toilet doors with your shoulders or back, reducing the total amount of contact between your skin and surfaces! Avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth in the duration that you are inside the toilet. It is best advised to not use the hot-air hand dryer as well as they can also create aerosols and blow germs toward you!

With those tips, you should feel more comfortable when leaving your house! Do remember your mask, hand sanitizers, and tissue papers as well!

Have a Happy Phase 2!

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