No more waiting in the rain

Empala brings the future to the Red Mini Bus.

With Empala your ride changes, no more waiting in bad weather, no more late buses.

At the same price.


1. Order Bus
When you order a ride Empala generates a busstops close to you
2. Get notified
When the bus is near you get a notification to walk to the stop
3. Get on
The bus will pick you up and drop you off close to your final destination
How does it work?
At Empala we optimise the journey of the Red Mini Bus in two ways.

1. We make it easier for the passengers to plan their travels, by creating virtual pick up and drop off points

2. We make it more profitable for drivers by increasing the average utilisation of the bus and limiting wait time
Empala creates dynamic routes and assign buses accordingly, optimising for each individual passenger and bus
Dynamic routes
Truly flexible Red Mini Bus
With Empala the Red Mini Bus will become truly flexible
Empala is smart transportation
Lots of time spent waiting
How often have you been standing in bad weather waiting for the bus? With Empala that is a thing of the past
Under utilised busses
That feeling when youre just sitting in the bus waiting for it to go, gone as well.
Smart transportation
Empala is a smart transportation system designed specifically for HK Red Mini Bus. Empala uses algorithms to make drivers and passengers more satisfied with RMB
Better bus today!
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Empala is the first app designed specifically for Hong Kong RMBs.
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