Do more in less time
Spending too much time with an empty mini bus?

With Empala that will no longer be the case. Empala is changing the way Red Mini Busses operate in Hong Kong by bringing drivers and passengers together


Empala connects you with your passengers and plans your route for the day so that you spend less time waiting and get more passengers
1. Limit wait time
Empala reduces the time you spent waiting for passengers at bus stops
2. Optimize utilisation
Our route optimization algorithm optimise your day to ensure you are carrying an ideal number of passengers
3. Easy to use
As a driver you simply open the app and we will tell you where to go and when
How does it work?
At Empala we optimise the journey of the Red Mini Bus in two ways.

1. We make it easier for the passengers to plan their travels, by creating virtual pick up and drop off points

2. We make it more profitable for drivers by increasing the average utilisation of the bus and limiting wait time
When you work with Empala you just follow our navigation instructions. They will tell you where to pick up passengers and where to drop them off
Dynamic routes
Truly flexible Red Mini Bus
With Empala the Red Mini Bus will become truly flexible. We predict demand and use traffic analysis to make your work day better and to make the passengers happier
We're on a mission to change this...
Lots of time spent waiting
Ever been in the line in Sai Kung just waiting for the bus to fill? With Empala this will no longer happen.
Under utilised busses
Passengers love the on-demand aspect of Empala. Working with Empala will increase your average utilization, earning you more money
Smart transportation
Empala is a smart transportation system designed specifically for HK Red Mini Bus. Empala uses algorithms to make drivers and passengers more satisfied with RMB
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Empala is the first app designed specifically for Hong Kong RMBs.
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