The financial support
your employees need
Give your employees access to wages as they're earned.
Help reduce their stress during the global pandemic
Earnings on demand
Empala is a financial wellbeing service that helps to bridge the payday gap.

Empala's let's your employees request a portion of their earned wage to be paid whenever and wherever they need.

By accessing earnings on demand, your employees forget about such thing as financial stress and prevent themselves from using expensive loans and credit cards.
Power up your business
Lower the financial stress of your employees
By paying your employees when they need it you will lower their financial stress

Less stressed employees perform better on a daily basis
Reduce your employee turnover
Employees who are paid when they need it will be more loyal

Loyal employees stay with you for a longer time

Increase engagement of your employees
When you pay your employees on demand you're building a meaningful relationship

This will mean more motivated employees who work more hours
Pay on demand, attract more talent
Employees are more likely to apply for a job that pays on a shorter term

Use Empala to attract more talent that will stay longer and work harder
Addressing the unexpected
Workers across Asia are currently encountering a number of unexpected expenses due to COVID. By providing your employees with access to their earnings, funded by Empala throughout the pay cycle, you significantly reduce their financial stress and help them to face the challenges ahead.
Covid relief funding

Provide your employees with instant access to a relief fund of up to SGD 200 (or a limit of your desire) of earned income to allow them to tackle unexpected expenses.

How Empala works
Empala plugs seamlessly into your business back-office, and let's your employees request earnings whenever they need. For employer it's no cost and no changes to your cashflow (Empala funds the advances).
Get Empala
Join us and empower your employees so that they apply faster, work harder and stay longer
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