Empower your employees
Empala allows you to pay your employees when they have earned their money.
Letting them focus on work instead of finances
Power up your business
Lower the financial stress of your employees
By paying your employees when they need it you will lower their financial stress

Less stressed employees perform better on a daily basis
Reduce your employee turnover
Employees who are paid when they need it will be more loyal

Loyal employees stay with you for a longer time

Increase engagement of your employees
When you pay your employees on demand you're building a meaningful relationship

This will mean more motivated employees who work more hours
Pay on demand, attract more talent
Employees are more likely to apply for a job that pays on a shorter term

Use Empala to attract more talent that will stay longer and work harder
No cost for the company
There is no additional cost to you when you use Wage.

We charge employees a small commission for our service.

As an employer you can chose to subsidise the subscription of your employees
No impact on your cashflow
When you use Wage your cash flow stays the same.

Wage finances the advanced payments and settle with you when you do your payroll.

No need for more admin work. It's simply business as usual

Getting started is a breeze
Start doing on demand pay with Wage within a month.

We integrate with your existing payroll solution

You can approve draw downs through our easy to use app
How empala works
Empala plugs seamlessly into your business, with no additional cost to you, no changes to cashflow. A win-win situation for you and your employees
Help us help your employees
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The story of Empala
At Empala we see the banks, the payday loan providers and the credit card providers. And we think they could do so much better. That is why we started Empala - to fight financial unfairness.

The Empala app allows people to reject the current system in order to get to a better place financially.

Empala gives employers happier, less stressed and more engaged employees by paying them when they need it.

With Empala employees get paid when they need it. No big loans, no high interest rates. Just your wage for the work you have done.

As it should be.
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Join us and empower your employees so that they apply faster, work harder and stay longer
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Brief history of the payperiod
Pre industrialisation
Before the industrialisation workers were paid on a daily basis. After the work had been completed
The depression of 1920s
When the depression hit in the 1920s employers needed to balance their cashflow. They started paying their employees on weekly and bi-weekly terms
The great war times
Once again employers were pressured financially. Further banking had become mainstream, however transferring to banks was expensive. Therefore the pay period was increased again to the monthly model we know today
Today and the gig economy
Today bank transfers only involve zeros and ones existing in a digital domain. The rise of the gig economy has reversed history and is now leading the charge in reducing the pay period.
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