Power up your business
Lower the financial stress of your employees
By paying your employees when they need it you will lower their financial stress

Less stressed employees perform better on a daily basis
Reduce your employee turnover
Employees who are paid when they need it will be more loyal

Loyal employees stay with you for a longer time

Increase engagement of your employees
When you pay your employees on demand you're building a meaningful relationship

This will mean more motivated employees who work more hours
Pay on demand, attract more talent
Employees are more likely to apply for a job that pays on a shorter term

Use Empala to attract more talent that will stay longer and work harder
Got questions?
How does Empala work?
  1. Empala will plug into your payroll/accounting system
  2. To start using us your employees install our app that shows them their earned pay and how much can they withdraw
  3. When employees wishes to withdraw their earning early, they just need to request it via the app and Empala will transfer the money same day
  4. Empala charges a small commission of the drawn down amount and S$ 0.5 for bank transaction
  5. At the end of the month
Are you a lending company?
Nope, we are financial wellbeing company. We are focusing on helping employees escape from the financial trap of pay day loans and expensive overdraft fees
How does Empala make money?
We charge a small commission fee when employees draw down their wages early. Usually the fee is between 1% - 3% depending on our agreement with the company.

We do not sell any data. We do not make money on ads and we do not charge interest
Who funds the on demand payout?
In the first month either the employer or Empala will provide the pool of money needed for the on demand pay. After the first payroll cycle has run the pool comes from the payroll.
What about my employees payslips?
Each early payout will be consolidated on the monthly paycheck and Empalas fees will be deducted as per Ministry of Manpower guidelines.
How Empala works
Empala plugs seamlessly into your business back-office, and lets your employees request earnings whenever they need. For employer it's no cost and no changes to your cashflow.
The way it should be
At Empala we believe that employees should get paid for the work they have done, when they have done it.
Only upsides
As an employer signing up to Empala feels like a breeze, there is no changes to your cashflow, no financial risk and it doesn't cost you a dime!

Win, win, win!
Happy bottomline
At Empala we know what you would like to focus on: your bottom line. With Empala you can improve your employees bottomline and improve your own bottomline at the same time!
Get Empala
Get Empala
Join us and empower your employees so that they apply faster, work harder and stay longer
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