Our vision
At Empala we want to make a meaningful change in the word.
We are committed to help employees gain control of their lives through giving them control of their finances.
At Empala we see the banks, the payday loan providers and the credit card providers. And we think they could do so much better. That is why we started Empala - to fight financial unfairness.

The Empala app allows people to reject the current system in order to get to a better place financially.

Empala gives employers happier, less stressed and more engaged employees by paying them when they need it.

With Empala employees get paid when they need it. No big loans, no high interest rates. Just your wage for the work you have done.

As it should be.
Meet the team
Eugene Bochkov
Co-founder and CEO
Eugene comes from FinTech, he is a veteran of SEA and has spent the better part of a decade in the region.

In Eugenes past life he has worked at places such as KPMG & PaymentWall and he has been a co-founder of multiple ventures
Mark Aaju Larsen
Co-founder and CTO
Mark is our tech wizard, he builds everything from apps, backends to teams. Mark is hailing from Hong Kong where he has been living for the last 5 years.

Prior to Empala Mark was a co-founder in a ML/AI based company.

Marcus Poh
Business Development
Marcus is our business development engine, he champions our users and is always looking to add value to businesses and employees.

Before joining Empala Marcus has had experience in HR and sales, he recently finished national service
Partnerships and investors
Singapore Fintech Association
Empala is a proud member of the Singapore Fintech Association
Empala is part of Antler's portfolio companies
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